Our latest HPS™ tool works from any computer or mobile device. There is no compulsion to download, install or buy any software on your or target device.

100% SAFE

Any actions requested and performed will never be disclosed to third parties. We guarantee that your identity will be kept private, and the target will not discover who hacked their passwords or made changes in their account.


Hacking vk.com accounts has never been easier. No need to have proficient computer skills - our HPS™ Core is intuitive and easy to use.


Thanks to the modern hardware, vk hack tool provides results in just a few minutes. No wasting time and useless action – HPS™ will surely present the most efficient results.

Hack any vk.com account within minutes

HPS™ specialty is to hack vk account passwords, without installing any additional programs on your or target device. Most vk application users ignore simple security recommendations, meaning they leave an “open door” in the protection system of their account. This trend is due to continuous development of many services and applications that have not completed needed authentication certification script because of the booming internet industry. Using these internet resources, you can continuously monitor the vulnerabilities of mobile applications by using a variable algorithm to query server data and its subsequent serialization and decryption.




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Automated vk hacking tool

VK unites millions of people through the messaging and sharing news from anywhere around the globe. It is one of the fastest growing social networks on the Internet that has been expanding far beyond Russia and CIS countries in the last couple of years.

Each VK user page contains gigabytes of sensitive information of great importance. hacking vk is quite a difficult procedure and requires proper technical skills. The internet offers many options that can leave you penniless, because 100% prepayment is required.

The continuous development of Internet technologies that allow tracking sensitive data that leads to emergence of new tools and can easily hack popular applications online. HPS™ is an example of successful projects built on the basis of finding vulnerabilities, which were left by VKontakte users themselves. The software is based on a set of methods that can hack the page authentication script. This procedure does not require payment before obtaining the actual result. VKontakte online hacking service provides access to the username, password, personal information, photos, videos etc. This algorithm is implemented by combining data serialization principles with their subsequent decryption.

The implemented cyclical alghoritm does not require user involvement at any stage of the process. HPS™ will only require specific target account which will be process by VK hacker feature. We do not have any employees, who manually process all password hacking requests. This is the main reason why the service operates faster and obtains errors from individual involvement. We have customer support that operates 24/7 and in case of difficulties.

Main principles of HPS™ service include:

  • NO PREPAYMENT or purchase is required if you are not satisfied with our service. First, we try to hack the vk.com password for the target, and only ask you to pay if the hacking attempt was successful. We strive to prove our professionalism and build costumers confidence.
  • CONFIDENTIALITY - HPS™ Core is based upon the latest solution in the sphere of security, thus protecting users from data theft is our main priority. All client billing details, e-mail addresses, and requested services and protected with the ultimate level of secrecy.
  • RELIABLE ENCRYPTION - We use two-level data encryption algorithm that guarantees 100% user anonymity.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE - We are here to serve and assist our customers 24/7. Feel free to ask any questions associated with the offered service and detailed explanation.

HPS™ tool operates independently and requires only regular monitoring by administrators. All users are guaranteed fast and reliable results along with complete anonymity. Please remember the following:

  • Because of the script operation of this hacking tool you will be given full access to another vk.com page, until the password of this profile is changed. This password change will result to account access loss. The hacking process is repeatable, which means you can use our tool again.
  • Every social network has its own hacking algorithm, which needs to be adapted over time in order to oppose any new security measures. As a result, vk.com is not an exception from this rule. Coming across some interruptions are possible while running the service. Our technical staff and programmers are always here to restore the work of the services as soon as possible.

Need more information? Feel free to contact us - leave your feedback or ask any questions through the Customer Support Service


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Our software works on every mobile platform and network in the world.

The Software is Fully Confidential :

HPS™ informs you that the violation of correspondence secrecy and obtaining of internet users personal information is a violation of the current legislation. HPS™ operates outside the reach of legislative authorities and excludes the risk of identifying your personality thanks to the complex data encryption mechanism. All the information about our clients is encrypted and kept on the service’s server and cannot be transmitted to the third parties regardless of the inquiry source.

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