HPS™ Security Architecture

Privacy - Policy

HPS™ service to monitor the vulnerabilities of social networks, hacking-passwords.com, (hereinafter - the Website) has been designed and built with security as top priority. We have developed a state of the art end to end encryption algorithm that guarantees 100% protection of you the user. Any data captured in the website is not in a format which can be shared with or disclosed to third parties. We guarantee your anonymity and do not ask your reasons for signing up to HPS™. Your identity is invisible to your target and they will not know that their social network accounts have been hacked if you follow our advice and instructions.

Data we Collect

Emails, usernames and passwords entered during the registration process on our website are stored in an encrypted form on a third-party site. This guarantees no connection between the data we hold to run our hacking algorithms on your behalf and the software used by HPS™. The same dual layer protection is used to separate the target’s data (their username and password) from HPS™ once their account has been unlocked. Passwords selected by users during the registration process serve as decryption keys. For this reason, it’s imperative that a user saves their password immediately as it’s impossible for HPS™ to recover it. Users have a responsibility to assist HPS™ in the security process and encourage the following to eliminate all possible breaches.

  • Use a password generator rather than selecting a password yourself. Passwords should be a minimum of 12 characters and contain upper and lower case letter, numbers, and special characters (*!#@%^&).
  • Avoid use of public Wi-Fi networks if possible
  • If you must access the HPS™ website on a mobile device via shared network, clear all browser history after the session is complete.
  • Logout after accessing the HPS™ service to obtain the desired username and password. The logout button is located in the top right corner of your Dashboard.
  • By following these simple rules, you can be confident of "Incognito" status at every stage of a password hacking process.

    100% Secure

    As experts in the field of online security and hacking, we use all methods possible to ensure the security and confidentiality of HPs™ customers. Our own security algorithms are updated regularly. Our processes guarantee the complete anonymity of your personal data and the username and password of your target. We strongly recommend users of HPS™ not to infringe the security measures specified in this Privacy Policy. Ignoring them can compromise your data and expose your identity. If users follow our process and advice, total anonymity is guaranteed. Please note that several websites copying the services offered by HPS™ have appeared recently. These are poor imitations, and using these services carries serious risks. They do not offer the layers of user identity security protection HPS™ have in place. The original domain always looks like https://www.hacking-passwords.com. The established, safe and anonymous password hacking tool is offered only through this Website. The original domain always looks like https://www.hacking-passwords.com. And please remember that the genuine, safe and anonymous password hacking tool is offered only through this Website. Beware of imitations!

    Anonymous payment methods

    Traditional electronic payment methods (PayPal, Card2Card, Wire Transfer) can reveal the identity of both the sender and recipient. These are not suitable for the type of service we offer, and for this reason we only accept payment by anonymous wallets. This is for your protection as well as ours. The anonymous payment methods we recommend are just as safe and reliable as those you may be used to using, and include:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Ripple
  • Monero
  • Depositing through these payment systems will not raise any questions or concerns. If you are not familiar with cryptocurrency and the options in your region, please carry out a Google search for further information.