How to hack FB account using HPS™

The first step is to enter targets URL and launch HPS™ Core. Next you will get a password. Access and control the targeted account just like your own. There is no need of downloading, installing or customizing application on the targets device in order to use this tracker.

  • HPS™ clients have access to:
  • Read the user correspondence in the FB Messenger app
  • Check private friends lists and groups
  • Access private and hidden information
  • In case of loss, you can always recover the page password

Reasons for hacking an account:

HPS™ is an ideal tool for Facebook monitoring, including the Messenger application. Now you don’t have to worry about the people you care about. The software helps you to monitor your kids, to whom they talk to, and even stay informed about your employee’s performance within your company. We offer new generation parental control and efficient business tracker.


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