1. What is HPS™ Software?

  2. Which social networking websites does HPS™ support?

  3. What user data will be available after payment?

  4. How does HPS™ work?

  5. How long does it take to credit funds to my HPS™ balance?

  6. How do I find the address of the target page?

  7. What guarantees does the HPS™ service provide?

  8. Where do I download the HPS™ spyware?

  9. How long will the page password be relevant?

  10. What are the system requirements for HPS™?

  11. How do I protect my social networking account from hacking?

  12. Is it possible to hack a social account through HPS™ free of charge?

  13. How do I purchase the above currencies?

  14. How do I pay for HPS™ services?